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20 January 2010

Prayer For My Father

My Dad went to Heaven last week-- a good long life, peaceful last days at home-- as much as our family could hope for.

Oddly, the day of his passing, I was driving Correcaminos to their house and got to the same spot where, decades before, a truck had run a red and hit my Renault 10 just behind my Dad in the passenger seat. I remember how shaken we both were then ( and I now accept full responsibility for all the advanced psychology that might be applied to this situation-- i.e. "it wasn't an accident" type of thinking). And on this day of his passing, I had a yellow to turn left on, looked up the oncoming lane, and lo and behold, realized that the school bus in the slow lane was speeding up to beat the red. It didn't-- a really bad running a red light, worst I'd seen since that accident. More than one person beeped. These kind of events stretch the meaning of coincidence pretty far.

I didn't define my Dad by his cars, but here they are, throughout his life (some of the years are rough guesses). A pretty interesting bunch:

mid '50s Ford Fairlane, red and white
'59 Peugeot 403, black
'62 Peugeot 404, light green
'64 Ford Fairlane station wagon, light blue
'68 Ford Country Sedan station wagon, green
'70 Ford Country Squire station wagon, yellow and 
'69 Chevelle Malibu, yellow
'80s Dodge Aspen coupe, white with blue vinyl roof
'85 Isuzu Impulse, dark blue
'90s Buick LeSabre, white
'00 Buick LeSabre, copper

Not bad, Dad! I love you and will continue to honor your safe driving and teachings with these writings.

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