Many More Beside These

26 February 2010

Profiling To Help My Safety

We all profile a bit when we drive. Cars reveal their drivers' personalities, maybe with a 40 to 70 percent reality?

I see a Mustang, all blacked out. Then a Corolla, stock. A 10 year old van. A car with a huge dent in the side. A giant pickup truck, with decorative stickers on the tailgate, that looked like it never touched dirt. A Civic, low to the ground with an effects package, a wing, an oversize muffler. A Malibu, a Prius, a Camry. A '64 GTO.

A new 50 grand Audi.

For each of these, I make an educated guess at the driver inside, their attitude to driving in general, and I adjust my attention to them as we get near. And then they are gone. It works. You get a general idea who will go fast, make various mistakes in general. Very few if any cars get every move right.


  1. It's both easier, and more justifiable, to 'pre-judge' based on one's choices - what kind of car they buy and how it's adorned - rather than on inherited and/or natural characteristics.

    Obviously, some inherited characteristics affect one's choices, but there ya go.

  2. It gives a safety-conscious driver a wider berth.