Many More Beside These

31 March 2010

How much horsepower does 3700 pounds need?

In suburban Long Island, with many 2000-era autos around, and the current state of over-confident-aggressive driving, how much horsepower would you say is needed in a 3700 pound car to blend in and get around safely, without getting beeped at (a proof of concept here) or anyone getting mad at you?

How about 70, that is seventy, in a 1982 Mercedes 240D diesel?

That's what I've been driving off and on for the last couple of weeks. So much for the need for advertising horsepower, 200,300,400, for reasons of safety. I know how to blend in. Come drive with me.


  1. Your invitation is tempting to ME, as I'd love to watch you adjust your significantly superior driving skills to a woefully underpowered car with barely enough torque (turbodiesel, or just diesel?) and too few transmission ratios.

    We both know you can't be driving it the same way you drive your barely adequately powered Toyota Corolla.

    At least the M-B was rear wheel drive ...

    Guess who?

  2. I couldn't possibly guess. I have to say that anyone who is advancing driver safety in the world is to be admired.

    The Mercedes is just a non-turbocharged diesel.