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01 April 2010

Republican Driver

Just for the record, count me in as a Republican driver. What does this mean in essence? Playing within the rules rather than making new ones. If we played very well within the rules, we would be rewarded through the machinations of society with a great prize-- a much higher legal speed limit.


  1. Um, no.

    If everyone consistently began to drive under the posted speed 'limits', either taxes or fines - or something else - would go up to equilibrate. County, city, and state gov'ts aren't dumb enough to lower the speed limits any further to try to make up for the lost revenue, because, deep down, everyone knows that the posted 'limits' can't get any lower without blood in the streets.

    Amerikan gov'ts at each level prefer not to differentiate between people like us who can safely drive well above the posted speed 'limits', and people who can't because they didn't learn - or weren't taught - how to drive properly.

    You probably get a lot less 'speeding' citations than I used to, but the VAST majority of people who get cited for 'speeding' don't get out of the ticket due to the merits of their driving - either the officer is ignorant or indifferent by nature, or by ORDERS - but on the merits of who they are, and their clout.

    We both know that the various gov'ts of New York would rather get another $300 from each licensed driver, than have new drivers with learner's permits spend another $300 to improve their driving.

    Of course, the other side of the coin is that $300 worth of driver's ed simply ain't what it would be worth in , say, Great Britain pre-'94, or Finland, or Germany.

    Me again ...

  2. Well, I have to continue to write this without being cynical regarding government. Perhaps, as I see some indications of, the general public will up the speed above 55 to 78, 79, 85, 90, 95, as the years pass, so that laws will be forced to change.