Many More Beside These

25 May 2010

Odds Are...

I haven't been writing in this for a month or so, and nothing around me in the driving world has really changed. Remember, the intent of this blog is  an immediate, drastic change for the better in worldwide driver safety. Lord knows we have enough else to be concerned with.

Funny thing is, I haven't seen a crash. So, some might think, so what? Why write about driver safety?

When you look at the stats, nearly everyone who drives does not have a dangerous crash in their lives. At the same time, many, many people make mistakes while driving-- it is now in our culture. So, the extension is that many bad drivers will never crash. And that, seemingly, is enough for them, that their cars and loved ones never get scratched.

But they set bad examples and influence those who will crash, sometimes fatally. This itself is an extension of the anonymity written about concerning the driver-- not only are they semi-hidden in their car and thus act as if they are "in private," but their bad effects are usually more remote-- they don't cause the crash right then and there usually, but affect ones more remotely in time and place.

There is every reason to continue to set exemplary standards in both driving and writing about it.

That's why I continue to write.


  1. Why do you think the 'state of driving education, training, and testing' disagrees with us?

  2. Not sure what you meant by this?