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27 March 2011

American Autobahn

I want to live to see our speed limits raised and, at the same time, to see an extreme increase in safety. Enough said-- here is a link that will help get us there. Do you recognize greatness when you see it?


  1. Increased? Its't our society moving too fast as it is?
    I think people in the US are too self centered, disrespectful and distracted on the roads already, imagine giving these A..holes more freedom to do what they want at 120mph! The Police don't enforce the traffic laws now, there will have to be a real change in attitude and policy in this country before people should have more freedom on the roads or anywhere else.

  2. That link is now dead, which implies volumes.

    Alan's comment also says a lot, although most drivers literally have no clue how inconsiderate they are to other drivers.

    Example: many times I've witnessed a driver stop to permit a [somewhat] perpendicular vehicle to enter traffic, when the stopped vehicle would otherwise have no right or entitlement to [expect to] be permitted to 'cut in'.
    The driver who stops, stops an entire conga line of vehicles behind them to cede their own right of way to continue, and robs them of their right to continue, not to increase safety in any way, but simply to be nice to someone in front [and a bit off to the side] of them.([S]He wastes all their fuel as well; it would be more fuel-economical for everyone to either proceed past, or for them to be stopped by some other unavoidable eventuality, like a red light or stop sign, and then the stopped driver can make their way.

    Just because the stopping driver doesn't give a [or that much of a] damn about anyone behind them doesn't make them an @$$h01e. It simply proves that the state of driver education, training, and testing in Amerika is, at best, barely sufficient, and backsliding.

    Alan, since you can't click on that link, just go visit Germany, or Finland, and drive there for a week or two or three.

    Driver culture is different, road and traffic culture is different, enforcement culture is different, infrastructure maintenance and repair culture is different, and most importantly - though not sufficient by itself - education, training, and testing culture is different. By different, I do mean superior.