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04 September 2011

More tracking of cars

I have mentioned, in the post "Black Box Me," how I would welcome an exact tracking device in my car so my insurance company, and anyone else interested, sees my decision-making, moment to moment. Here is another step to this welcoming--

(Courtesy of Ms. Kate Croston)

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  1. In the June 30th '09 post 'Black-box Me', you point out two things:
    1. that 'it' must be a combo of how fast you drive, and how far you stay away from other vehicles.

    2. that on Die Deutsche AutoBahnen, their cameras are targeting tailgaters, not speeders.

    On 1:
    Your idea is much better than Progressive Insurance's 'SnapShot', basically an incredibly nearsighted passenger that doesn't care about anything going on outside the vehicle. All good drivers adjust their driving to the [usually changing] road and traffic conditions around them.
    Personally, I'd rather be judged by cameras installed on the outside of my car, rather than by OBD2 throttle and brake position data. Drivers don't judge other drivers by their throttle and/or brake position, but by their management of the space around them.

    On 2:
    When the speed limit is 155MpH or more, tailgating becomes public health & safety issue #1. When the speed limit is 50MpH, yet the traffic density is such that 50MpH is impossible even for emergency response vehicles, it's more about paying attention to what as many other drivers are doing as possible, since everyone else is probably tailgating to some extent.

    Stephen Haley, author of Mind Driving, considers observation/attention one of the most important driving skills.
    Amending what I said about the cameras on the outside of my car, I want one more camera, pointed at my eyes, to see my observation habits - how I never take my eyes off the road for more than one second, how often I use my mirrors, how I look into turns.