Many More Beside These

05 February 2012


I write. 

So many others do so too, whereas a hundred years ago, this was a different realm. I sometimes allow myself to think that I have what it takes to be remembered, to be an immortal in this regard, to be looked back on from some future and be seen as valuable. I choose what to write carefully.

Some of this will be seen as choice of canvas. It used to be books, poems, plays, some journalism. Now, add Internet, shorter pieces, and advertising. Short phrases are more remembered now, albeit many being anonymous.

Bumperstickers may eventually match works like "War And Peace" in message-- no joke. I wear two on my car-- Pick Up One Piece Of Litter A Day and The Season For Charity. I couldn't estimate how many readers these have had in their years being there.

And although not vain, I am thinking of adding a "vanity plate," to take up this challenge of saying the most with the least. My choice is SAFRNUSA.

Safer than the USA.

I want a safety message on my car. I want a bit of flash, showing others that I have a higher standard than what is taught here in this nation. I want to make people think.


  1. Very deep my brother. I will remember you in a positive light, a brother a friend.
    Now to get off the solemn air, you should have three bumper stickers on you car and one should be "I Love Dandelions"!