02 August 2015

The Blog Is Now A Ten Dollar Money-Back Guarantee Course On "Teachable" (Fedora)

After writing on this blog for a number of years, I am moving the writing to


The course has 81 short writings, each with a quiz designed to ask the reader to reflect on their driving.

The writings are in groups:

First Steps
Good And Bad Technology
The Media
Long Distance Driving
Some Particulars

The writings are anecdotal, from a personal view, applicable to anyone's driving in any situation. They are safety-first and written to give the reader-driver a great sense of confidence, many new tricks and ways to handle a myriad of situations. They are forward-looking, offering to help build a future where we are still in control of our driving with increased speed and safety.

Perhaps most important to say is the increasing view that the United States do not teach our drivers anywhere near the level they need to be safe on our roads. Other driving courses that put learners in cars are largely emergency-maneuver courses.