04 March 2009

Proving It

I've encountered some upper-level driver instructors lately, all of whom have a claim to being a better (safer) driver than I am. Remember, the aim of Best Driver In The World is to be provocative, to claim a title that others will then want. But I thought I'd take a bit of time to offer my reasons for the title. This is some of what I do when I drive-- see if the advice is found elsewhere:

1. I keep away from all other cars, by
a. leaning away in a lane when close
b. passing a bit faster, 1-2 mph
c. spending less passing time in their blind spot, more with them in mine (I know where they are)
d) using long turn signals
e) at lights, preventing a rear-end by watching the car behind, leaving extra space in front, moving my car forward if needed.

2. I have an oversized rearview mirror. All cars should have this excellent safety device. Once used to the perspective (like a side mirror), your knowledge of what's behind you is much more visual.

3. When approaching a T intersection, I look right first-- a car may turn into where I could stop; then look left.

4. Covering the brake is a highly active and timed skill.

5. Social advocacy: citizens should have the right and ability to report bad drivers by a dedicated telephone number, like a 711, where they would only have to mention the license plate number. The police would use this by number of reports. (Please refer to the article "an addition to making driving safer," in this blog, for this idea reasoned out in more detail.)

Come drive with me-- it's the tip of the iceberg.


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